Real Foodies

- project a brand of Fundación Garrobo -

Garrobostyle Real Foodies training (one of the projects of our women's empowerment program) is another way to train our beneficiaries with tools for their lives and those of their families, through the art of healthy cooking and food business operation processes. Real Foodies products belong to our Garrobostyle brand.

In this project, we aim to teach our beneficiaries about home economics in general and focus on best practices in food handling and production. Through catering, our trainees will learn the basic concepts of understanding gastronomy in the most practical way.

Many of our beneficiaries have difficulty with sewing machines or are not interested in learning garment development. The foodies and beauty programs aim to give our girls a better understanding of themselves and help them find their strengths and passions.

And in the process, they will learn how to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families.

You can be part of the transformation of these young women's lives by offering to share your knowledge with our garrobitas.

Catering and Food Handling

Food Preparation

If you are a restaurant owner, chef or even have years of experience in hotel management and/or as kitchen staff, your knowledge can be invaluable to the learning experience of our apprentices.

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