Entry Requirements

When registering the child, the parents must submit the following documentation:

  1. Filled out registration form.

  2. Duly signed Parent's Policy

  3. Copy of the child's birth certificate and original.

  4. Copy of the child's ISSS beneficiary card.

  5. Current pediatric control letter from the company's clinic.

  6. Copy of single identity document of father, mother and/or caregiver in case of emergency.

  7. Copy of vaccination card or vaccination card (from Health or Social Security)

  8. To appear in person for an interview on the established date.

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Tuition and Fees

  1. Annual Tuition for all levels $25.00 (one-time payment due in January)

  2. Tuition: $0.00 (No cost for any level)


  1. Drop off and pick up children at the established time and making good use of punctuality.

  2. Do not give children objects of value such as: watches, bracelets, rings, medals, earrings, chains, money, cell phones, etc.

  3. They should not bring toys (the nursery has enough toys for all children).

  4. Refrain from sending candy, sweets and sodas, such items are not allowed during the child care hours of the Child Development Center.

  5. All children should bring their uniform (provided by the institution) and an extra change of clothes in their bag, each change of clothes consists of a t-shirt, shorts, socks and underwear. The detailed list will serve to cover clothing change needs during the stay at the Development Center.

  6. All clothing must be marked with your name and surname. The Developmental Center is not responsible for unmarked clothing.

  7. In the event that the child still wears Pampers, he/she should bring a package of Pampers according to the size of use.

  8. Attend meetings and trainings scheduled for mothers and fathers of children enrolled in the development center.

  9. The child will only be released to the authorized persons listed in the registration. In the case of an emergency that the child must go with another person, the development center must be notified and the person who will take the child must be duly identified and the child must be picked up at the established times.

  10. The child must enter the main gate of the child development center.

  11. If for any reason the child will not be present at the child care center, the parent must present him/herself and note in the child's record book the reason for non-attendance.

  12. Parents may only enter the Center during the hours of care if their child has an appointment with Pediatrics, or if they have an appointment with the Director of the Center.

  13. When the child is taken to the Texops medical clinic on an emergency basis, the parent will be informed immediately of the situation and will be required to report to the clinic to check on the child's condition and will remain with the child until the medical check-up is completed and instructions are given.

  14. In the event that the child brings daily medication, whether vitamins or treatment provided in Pediatrics, the name of the medicine, the corresponding dosage and the hours in which the medicine will be given must be written in the registration booklet.

  15. If the child has diarrhea, vomiting, or fever, he/she should be taken to Pediatrics so that a specialized doctor can authorize care by the Center or if he/she requires maternal care.

  16. In the event that a parent employed by TexOps is disabled and wishes to continue to care for the child during his/her days of incapacity, he/she must send a copy of his/her disability to the Developmental Center, and be taken and picked up by the guardian detailed at the beginning of the child care contract, who must be sent perfectly identified with his/her DUI and correspond to the photograph on file.

  17. Provide complete information and documentation requested in the registration process, which is necessary to form the child's file.

  18. In the event that psychological intervention for the child is deemed necessary, a specialist doctor from the TexOps clinic will be requested to make a referral to the center of convenience.

  19. At the exit each parent must read and sign the daily report prepared by the teacher.

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  1. Fruits that do not represent a danger (refrain from bringing fruits such as apricots, plums or any other fruit that may threaten the health of the child), as long as they are in good condition and are not purchased already peeled in street sales; to ensure that they are healthy and are not contaminated.

  2. Cereals such as Kellogg's, granola, quaker or nutritional drinks to be offered to children at feeding times.

  3. You should bring to the development center, the milk that the child is used to drink or indicate if the child is allergic to lactose or any particular brand of milk, as well as the amount and times that the child ingests during the day.

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