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FUNDACION GARROBO de El Salvador is a registered non-profit organisation.

It is an initiative of Textiles Opico, S.A. de C.V, a sportswear manufacturer producing for well-known international brands. Its owner, David Ha, is very supportive of - and encourages his staff to participate in - activities enhancing corporate social responsibility, making way for the establishment of social programs for vulnerable children and displaced young women through Fundación Garrobo.

Fundación Garrobo has two social programs under its umbrella: Colegio de Vida Integral Montessori (CVIM) and the Garrobo Project.

CVIM is a dedicated daycare and preschool facility for factory workers. It opened its doors in 2011 and is an accredited preschool by the Ministry of Education of El Salvador.

The GARROBO project is focused on socially and financially empowering displaced and vulnerable young women through an intensive two-year job-and-life-skill training, patterned after the world-renowned apprenticeship system in Switzerland.

It offers three courses to its beneficiaries:

  • Garment development and production

  • Beauty Therapy / Aesthetics

  • Practical Food Management (Cooking and Catering)

The Garrobo Project has established social enterprises with its brand, Garrobostyle:

  • Sports Boutique - we specialise in gym/yoga clothes, but also produce other sportswear and sports accessories. We have a workshop to manufacture for other brands, retailers, wholesalers, school and company sports teams as well as athletic clubs.

  • Belleza - we offer beauty services - specialising in eyebrows and eyelashes treatments. We also offer basic manicure and pedicure as well as relaxing massages.

  • Foodies - we're still on pilot. In the future, we will offer catering services, healthy food products, packaged ready-to-cook food and hopefully cooking lessons.

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Our Story


1999: The concept of a sustainable social project was born in India out of a strong desire to help the underserved in three suburban communities in New Delhi,

The challenge was great but we were fortunate to locate a company willing and happy to work with us. They donated some of their surplus production and fabrics to create a collection of children’s clothes, which we named SITARA. There was so much enthusiasm for the SITARA children’s clothes collection, it sold like the proverbial hot cakes. All proceeds from the sales was distributed to three schools to buy school materials.

June 2010: The concept became a reality in El Salvador and was given the name "The GARROBO Project". GARROBO (Ctenosaura pectinata) is Salvadorean for male iguana.

GARROBO loves the sun and is an herbivore. El Salvador lists it as a protected species If the garrobo is amongst the protected species in ES, more so do the vulnerable young women beneficiaries of the project deserve to be not only protected but nurtured..

August 2011: The daycare facilities for the TexOps factory operators was opened. To date the school takes care of 55-60 children daily.

June 2012: The GARROBO project became a pilot project and was formally launched on July 27, more than a month after the soft opening. We started with three garrobitas in our new workshop which Mr. David authorized to be built months before.

November 2014: the GARROBO project won Fundemas’ national Marca Positiva 2014 Award for community service.

May 2015: Formal application of Fundación Garrobo de El Salvador's registration as a nonprofit was submitted to the government.

March 2016: Fundacion Garrobo de El Salvador was published in the government’s Official Gazette registered as a non-profit organization.

August 2016: was accredited by the Ministry of Education (MINED), to operate as a nursery and preparatory school (children aged 1-6 years old).

August 2017: Colegio de Vida Integral - Montessori (CVIM) was accredited by the Ministerio de Educación.

October 2017: Groundbreaking ceremony for the future Fundación Garrobo building.

December 2017: Commencement exercises for our first 12 CVIM graduates.

January 2018: CVIM and El Proyecto Garrobo were joined to be under the umbrella of Fundación Garrobo de El Salvador.

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"

-Nelson Mandela-


• We reduce energy consumption and waste that go to landfills by using leftover materials from mass garment production (excess/end-of-rolls and fabric scraps, trims and accessories).

• We are committed to use only materials sourced or available locally, whenever possible.

• We give preference to using natural and organic components in our product design, development and production.


• Online wholesale and retail sales of our own GARROBO-branded (and/or co-branded) products.

• Regular scheduled classes on sewing, fashion merchandising, and other garment manufacturing subjects to the paying public.

The Team

  • Co-founder

  • Owner and CEO, Textiles Opico S.A. de C.V.

  • More.

  • Co-founder

  • President , Board of Directors Fundación Garrobo de El Salvador

  • More.

  • Secretary, Board of Directors

  • Co-founder and President, Textiles Opico S.A de C.V

  • More.

  • Member, Board of Directors

  • Legal Affairs, Cajas International S.A de C.V

  • More.

  • Treasurer, Board of Directors

  • Tax Consultant

  • More.

Carlos Gonzales

  • Vice President, Board of Directors

  • Lawyer


• We plan to establish/set up local and international GARROBO affiliates.

• We envision replicating/contextualizing our training programs in other industries such as the beauty and hospitality industries.

• We are working to have formal agreements with higher educational institutions to get accreditation for the courses we offer.

• We plan to collaborate with local/international organizations whose missions are compatible with ours.

• We plan to have similar but separate programs focusing on at-risk young men. We’re thinking of vocational training on shoemaking, carpentry, plumbing and the like.

•We plan for the Colegío de Vida Integral Montessori to be a bilingual school and offer our children education up to 9th grade level.

• Practical on-site training classes on garment manufacturing and fashion technology to paying local, regional and international Fashion Design and Apparel Manufacturing students. We will have a limited number of participants for more personalized learning.

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