FUNDACION GARROBO de El Salvador (Fundagarrobo)

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization.

Fundagarrobo is an initiative of Textiles Opico, S.A. de CV (TEXOPS), a sportswear producer for well-known international brands.

Its owner-CEO David Ha supports and encourages his staff to participate in activities that enhance the company's social responsibility. This led to the establishment of social programs for vulnerable children and displaced young women.

The Garrobo Foundation has two social programs under its umbrella: The El Colegio de Vida Integral Montessori (CVIM) and The Garrobo Project.

The Colegio de Vida Integral Montessori (CVIM) is a daycare and preschool center dedicated to the children of the workers and staff of the TEXOPS factory. It opened its doors in 2011. CVIM is accredited by the Ministry of Education of El Salvador.

The Garrobo Project focuses on the social and financial empowerment of displaced and vulnerable young women through intensive two-year training in skills for work and life, modeled after the world-renowned Swiss apprenticeship system.

The Garrobo Project offers these FREE practical training courses:

    • Technical Training in Garment Development, Engineering/Construction, and Production

    • Technical Training in Beauty (Aesthetics) and Well-BeingBusiness Management

    • Technical Training in Food Business Management (Kitchen Operations, Cooking, and Catering)

Our contribution to the environment

  • We reduce energy consumption and waste going to landfill by using leftover materials from the mass production of garments (fabric scraps, trimmings, and accessories).

  • We are committed to using locally sourced or locally available materials whenever possible.

  • We give preference to the use of natural and organic components in the design, development, and production of our products.

Our History (& Milestones)

  • 1999: The concept of a sustainable social project was born in India from a strong desire to help the most disadvantaged in three suburban communities of New Delhi.

The challenge was great, but we were blessed to find a company willing and happy to collaborate with us. They donated part of their surplus production and fabrics to create a collection of children's clothing, which we called SITARA. The SITARA children's clothing collection generated so much enthusiasm that it sold like the proverbial hotcakes. All sales proceeds were distributed to purchase supplies for three schools.

  • June 2010: The concept became a reality in El Salvador and was named "The GARROBO Project".

  • June 2012: The GARROBO project was formally launched as a pilot project on July 27, more than a month after we started with three garrobitas. A new workshop was built months before for this purpose at the instruction of Mr. David.

  • November 2014: In competition with 44 other companies, The GARROBO project won for TEXOPS the 2014 MARCA POSITIVA Award of El Salvador for community service - a national recognition from FUNDEMAS!

  • March 2016: FUNDACION GARROBO of El Salvador was gazetted in the Official Government Gazette registered as a non-profit organization.

  • August 2017: The Colegio de Vida Integral - Montessori (CVIM) was accredited by the Ministry of Education as a daycare and preparatory school (children from 1 to 6 years old)

  • December 2017: Held our first official CVIM preparatory school graduation for twelve six-year-olds.

  • January 2018: The CVIM and the Garrobo Project came together to be under the protection of the Garrobo Foundation of El Salvador.

  • March 2019: We opened our first social enterprise, "Garrobostyle Boutique", in a new location in the Gran Plaza Lourdes Commercial Center.

  • September 2019: The pilot of our second social enterprise "Garrobostyle Beauty" launches with 2 Garrobitas but is temporarily paused due to COVID-19 restrictions.

  • October 2020: A restaurant pilot project for the food branch called "Real Foodies" is launched.

  • October 2020: We started offering private courses on the basic use of industrial sewing machines.

  • November 2021: Our first large group for private industrial sewing machine courses was held for Glasswing international, El Salvador.

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Come join us on this journey as we are nurturing FUNDAGARROBO to fulfill its mission and vision.

Experience for yourself the joy of seeing the transformation in the lives of children and young women.