Amelia Figueroa

Young and dynamic lawyer Amelia Figueroa Barrera was born and raised in El Salvador. She finished her Master in International Business Law at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in 2015.

At the age of 19 while teaching English and French, she discovered how teaching can help others to fulfill their dreams. In 2013, she joined CAISA, a box manufacturing company and is one of the companies in a large group, where corporate social responsibility compliance is foremost.

She functions as a legal adviser to the CEO of the group. In this capacity, she also coordinates and organizes different events for the group’s charitable and social projects, one of which is GARROBO. She hopes to better support GARROBO in fulfilling its mission in a big way by being a member of its Board of Directors.

As the group’s legal adviser, she represents it in the Board of Directors of CAMTEX (El Salvador’s Association of Garment and Textile Manufacturers). She is the administrator for Finca Coyoacan, one of the most active organizers for Angels of Hope’s events for orphanages. She also participates in charitable functions of the Korean government representatives where the group is involved. In addition, she acts as the group’s communication manager, which gives her the opportunity to get involved in the tourism industry where the group occasionally participates.

Mr. David Ha, the owner and CEO of CAISA, has been a role model and mentor. He has been inculcating in her that thinking outside the box can solve more problems than just waiting in line; that life is not all about making money but investing it in the transformation of people and society. She believes he is one of the most creative and successful businessman one would be privileged to work with. For her, working for him is a daily adventure with life’s small seeds of knowledge and wisdom being sown and harvested.

Professional life aside, Amelia enjoys cooking, gardening and learning about the diplomatic career.