David Kyung Ha

-Better known as “Mr. David”-

Entrepreneur, Pioneer and Businessman with over thirty years’ experience in the international garment and textile. Industry, he lives in El Salvador with his wife, Sunnie. Their sons, Alex and Dustin are studying in the US.

Mr. David is the owner of well-known companies in El Salvador such as Apple Tree, Textiles Opico (TexOps) and Caisa. From a young age, he already knew that success in life comes only through hard work and discipline. He is admired for his dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit.

He considers El Salvador home having lived here for more than twenty years. He constantly looks for ways to contribute to its growth and development. He is undoubtedly a man of vision with a warm heart.

His journey to business success:

David was born in Daegu, South Korea. At the age of ten, together with his mother and brother, they migrated to the US. Upon their arrival in Los Angeles, his mother decided to work in a “maquila” (a garment factory). She later started her own small business with three sewing machines.

After graduating from high school, he decided to work with his mother to help pay family debts. He went to California State University and pursued a business degree. By his late twenties, together with his younger brother, they owned and managed four small garment factories.

In 1995 they expanded to El Salvador when they took over a company called AMITEX which was on the verge of bankruptcy. In just two years AMITEX recorded an unprecedented production never achieved before in its history. The expansion continued; Apple Tree, also in El Salvador, was added to the group. It currently employs about 2400 people.

In 2001, David entered the packaging industry in El Salvador. Cajas Internacional S.A. de C.V. (CAISA) is a leading company in the manufacture of boxes, cardboard tubes and plastic cones. CAISA also has two plants in Guatemala.

In 2009, TEXOPS was added to their group of companies. It manufactures high-end sportswear and is now a well-recognised name in the industry.

He is the Chairman of the Korean community for Central America, Mexico and Caribbean since 2012.

Giving back to make a difference:

Mr. David is actively supporting the industry and the community.

In the industry:

- CAMTEX (Member, Board of Directors

- AAPN (Member, Board of Directors)

- El Salvador TPP (Committee Member)

- Amcham (Member)

In the community:

- Chairman of the Korean community, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean since 2012

- Korean-American Leadership Foundation (President)

- The GARROBO project (main sponsor and co-founder)

- Union Church El Salvador (served as President and Member, Board of Directors for many years)

- Vinculo de Amor/ Metamorphosis (Member, Board of Directors)